Employee Retention

Our Philosophy...

According to Center for American Progress http://www.americanprogress.org - the cost of employee turnover is high, regardless of the level of wages being paid. In a majority of cases, the turnover cost exceeds 21% of an individual’s salary. Employee turnover impacts countless employers across all industries, leading to an increasingly strong interest in delegating the exit interview component to a specialist in this area. Identifying and understanding the reasons workers leave a job will give the employer an edge in improving working relationships, the environment and employee loyalty!

Yet, how do organizations know when their employees are beginning to consider a resignation? It could be in the back of their mind for a year or more, and by the time their minds are made up, the organization may have missed the opportunity to make a difference.

Sundance Group, Inc. provides the tools that an organization can take advantage of on an ongoing basis – in order to retain their employees and increase the potential of loyalty and tenure among them. Participating employees will be assured the greatest discretion as our programs are confidential in nature, while providing insight and employee perspective, the organization might not otherwise be able to attain.

Why Select Sundance Group...

We believe that your employees deserve to speak directly to an experienced Human Resources professional, not associated with their current employer. Past participants have expressed their appreciation for having this confidential and comfortable forum to share their feelings about their employment experience. Sundance Group provides this impartial outlet for employees to speak freely; where they can be confident that their participation will be handled with discretion, and in a professional and caring manner.

Your employees will realize that by delegating this process to Sundance Group, the organization truly cares about the experiences of all their employees. Your employees won't feel disconnected; something often felt when a third party becomes involved in their employment. We are ready to work with your company to identify opportunities for improvement within your organization. We strive to be more than a third party provider and truly partner with you in your retention efforts.

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