| Employee Satisfaction / Engagement Surveys

Have you asked your employees, at any point, how satisfied they are with their work? Often, employers leave this opportunity for discussion and feedback for the employee performance review. Both internal and external factors can influence employee job satisfaction and engagement. Employee engagement may or may not be aligned with employee satisfaction, yet it still relates to the employees’ connection and commitment to the organization.

Employers and their organizational communities can benefit a great deal from having this knowledge communicated, regularly and without causing anxiety among their staff – by partnering with Sundance Group to provide this service on their behalf. The opportunities will present themselves – to 1) Develop existing employees; 2) Communicate your rewards package; 3) Build a bridge between employees and senior management.

Quite similar to the Exit Interview (Retrospect) program we offer, employees are treated with great respect and the process of participation is convenient and comfortable.

Source: A 2012 research report by SHRM.org