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Our Approach...

Retrospect SM, Sundance Group's Exit Interview program is more than a simple closing procedure. We have carefully developed a comprehensive exit interview format that is administered on an individual basis, and reported to employers quarterly. Participants are assured of the confidential nature of this process, setting the stage for an honest and comfortable exchange. We firmly believe exit interviews should have a strong human element. We provide this opportunity for employees to be heard, and in turn, feel valued for their service to your organization. By reinforcing a genuine interest in what each person has to say, we ensure a positive lasting impression of you as an employer.

An Overview of our Service...

Sundance Group is an independent company conducting unbiased exit interviews of the employees of our clients. Our format is a structured yet conversational interview by telephone. We provide a toll-free number so that exiting employees can request to participate on their own schedule, before or after their last scheduled day of work.

Each exit interview is conducted by a trained professional and takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Our exit interview is designed to gather quantitative and qualitative information that address a variety of topics including: Overall Experience with the Company, The Culture, Quality of Management, Job Satisfaction and other issues impacting employees' decision to resign or retire. Beyond structured questions, employees are encouraged to share any commentary they choose throughout the process, and these verbatim comments are included in reports. Our exit interview reports are a comprehensive tool that gives employers genuine insight into the various reasons for turnover; an opportunity to identify training or development needs within your organization; justification to make selected improvements within your company or maintain current positive practices.

Our process will benefit your organization, and strengthen the company's retention efforts while leaving a positive impression with those who participate. We are diligent in protecting the integrity of our process, or jeopardize the confidentiality of employee participants.

See the results of our focus group with participants of our exit interviews. See the results of our focus group with participants of our exit interviews.