Corporate Clients

"We search long and hard for a talent that could properly find the people needed for our company. Donna was highly recommended. The relationship has gone on for a couple of years now and I am always impressed with all her work and professionalism. I would recommend her to any company. You will be impressed with her dedication and her ability to properly position the HR needs in your company."

Walter P.,
IT Director, S
SA Global/Infor Global Solutions


Sundance Group (Donna M.) does an extremely professional job in finding potential candidates and screening to fit the position. She juggles many balls in the air at the same time and yet manages to deliver. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone looking to hire a recruiter!"

Vicki G.,
Human Resources Director
Telecom Industry


"Thank you for a wonderful conversation this afternoon. As I indicated to you, my dealings with people in the search business have been less than appealing. My interaction with you, however, was most interesting. Your straightforward approach was truly excellent and a credit to search professionals in general. Although we did not make a connection on this particular opportunity, I am quite confident that we have built the foundation of a rapport that will eventually lead to doing business together in the future. All my best regards and I look forward to future interactions with you!"

Keith B.,
Human Resources Manager


"I am impressed with your style. You happen to be the 'kindest' and 'warmest' person I have discussed employment opportunities with. You are the type of individual I prefer to be, when conducting interviews myself. It is nice to know there are a few of us left in the world. I look forward to maintaining a professional connection, even if not selected for this particular opportunity."

Carolann S.,
Senior Manager

Resume Writing Services

"I believe that great advice come from unexpected places. I was in a state of desperation, Even though I have yet to venture off to the real world, I have already felt its unkind force. Donna saw that I could not only use a network and a friendly face, but also a dose of optimism. That night, I opened up my email, and attached to it was an article that Donna thought I might find interesting. As I read it, I felt as if a cloud of negative energy that was dispersed. It was an article filled with uncanny optimism about this year's job market. A hope that one day, like many of my college peers, will be the day that we will finally find our place in society."

Eliane S.,
Economics Graduate


"Thanks for presenting my work history, career goals, and skills in such a positive manner."
Best Regards,

Camille A.


"I just wanted to let you know that ever since I've been sending out the resume you made for me, my response rate has increased phenomenally, and have been all but stuffing your business card down the throat of everyone I know who is looking for a job. Thanks so much for everything you've done. I couldn't be happier with the resume. Thank you so much!"

Katie-Anne O.

Job Club Participants

"Donna Mazalin's concept of a Job hunters club has met what appears to be an unfulfilled need in the south suburbs of Chicago. Every month 20-25 recently unemployed or under employed meet to learn about retooling their careers, resume writing and job searching strategies in the age of the internet. Many of the club members have years of experience in their fields, from which they were displaced, they have not had to search for employment for ages. The techniques used to find the next job have changed significantly since the days of the Sunday newspaper want ads. Donna has firsthand experience from the hiring end of the new internet based recruiting tools; she knows what sites work and those that might be a waste of time. She is also a big advocate of networking and non-traditional spreading of the word. Her teaching and mentoring has made the daunting task of changing careers or finding a new job a bit easier to fathom.

To me - more important than all the technical and HR industry knowledge she brings to the club she founded, is the spirit of encouragement and mutual support she fosters at each meeting. It would be very easy for the get-togethers to devolve into a mush of living in the past and a gathering of self pity. Donna, whether intentionally or not, has cultivated a culture of encouragement and support amongst the group. Several of us at the meetings draw strength from one another each month when we learn that folks have had promising interviews and for some, even new jobs.

Each meeting Donna brings resources and back ground materials that must now fill a bankers box, she shares all sorts of new articles, schedules of job fairs and significant job posting in a binder for folks to explore. She moderates an internet message board taking polls amongst our members and posting timely messages to keep us current on breaking events and current industry thinking between meetings. All of this; hours of work and preparation, are done all on her own dime. Donna has her own business to run, but she still finds the time and energy to help her fellow human through speed bumps and potholes in their careers."

~ Cecil C.

"I would like to thank Donna Mazalin for all her time and effort in the creation of JobClub60445. Her meetings are always filled with information and resources that job seekers really need. Donna has a "Pay it Forward" attitude and really wants to help all the people in her group. I think when people leave her meetings they feel better equipped for the daunting task of landing that special job."

~ Greg K.

"Since being laid off in December, 2008 I have been fortunate to be in attendance at the Job Club overseen by Donna Mazalin at the Oak Forest/Midlothian Public libraries. Each session focuses on a different subject and with Donna in charge runs very smoothly. At each and every meeting I have walked away enlightened about one thing or another. Every bit of information is helpful in this job market. Additionally, meeting with everyone and discussing the ups and downs is great. Donna encourages and cautions. A real lifesaver. Thanks Donna"

~ Patty J., Business Office Management

"I was laid off early in 2009. I started job hunting and realized this was a whole different beast and economy real fast. While reading the Sunday paper, I saw this article about a Job Club meeting in Midlothian run by Donna Mazalin, so I thought I would attend and see what it was all about and knew I needed help, I was lost. I walked into this meeting feeling a little sheepish and nervous but five minutes later, I knew I was right where I belonged. I walked out that first day feeling excited and knew I was not alone. With the direction of Donna, I have gained new confidence, created a professional resume, learned interviewing skills, marketing skills, new job hunting sites and so much more. The energy in our group through the professional guidance of Donna is uplifting."

Thank you Donna!!!! ~ Colette H., Admin. Professional

"These are particularly "difficult times" for those threatened with job loss, or who have already lost their jobs. To go through a period of unemployment, is to say the least, "not one of life's little pleasures." When I lost my job, I felt like I was the "only one" without a job, even though I heard and read about those thousands/millions of others in the same boat. Well, to participate in a group like the one that Donna instituted, shows me the "real people" in the boat with me. Let me tell you, that has GREAT "psychic value." To hear their stories reinforces the feeling that "good people" don't lose jobs (in most cases) for no reason, "bad situations" place "good people" in a state of job loss. In addition, getting solid advice on how to competently pursue the next job is of tremendous value to me, and the many that have never (or at least not recently) been in this "boat" before. Donna is obviously a "pro" in her profession. Anyone who is seeking work would assuredly benefit from her expertise."

~Tom K., Audit Management

"I've been attending the Chicago Southland Job Hunters Network since February 2009, and believe that the learning and networking opportunities have helped me in major ways with my job search. Donna Mazalin, who created and leads our group, is dedicated to supporting and guiding each person in the group individually as well as teaching us as a group everything from how to dress for an interview to how to succeed in our search. What I admire most is her honest approach with us that there are many ways to do what needs to be done, and she (along with guest speakers) presents alternatives and choices. She gives excellent information, and has us think for ourselves, create our own styles. We in the group are very different in our backgrounds, career goals and interests etc, yet Donna takes that challenge and pulls together a group that benefits us all. Donna cares about people as individuals, and goes out of her way to assist. An example of that with me is quite a few times when she became aware of conferences, resources, connections etc that would help me in my search for a Bereavement Counselor position and got the information to me specifically. In my estimation, that kind of effort toward helping us shows that her heart is truly in her work, and I want to thank you Donna for all you do for us, and for me personally. I've recently became aware of the Southland Job Club and joined while attending Donna's Job Seeker Series. I find the information, resources, and guidance Donna provides practical and extremely useful to anyone seeking employment. Through her work and efforts with the Job Club and the affiliated Yahoo Group, Donna is truly giving back to the community."

~Mary C., Business/Audit Analyst

"I started with the job club at the onset. Right from the start, we hit the ground running. Our moderator, Donna, made a big impact on my job search. She gave us incentive at every turn. There were days when I thought I'd never land a job....I mean...who would want a 50 year old female when the hiring company could pick and choose. It's a buyer's market and Donna made me marketable. She talked about every aspect of the job search from websites to interviewing skills. We worked on mock interviews, elevator speeches, etc. There were folks from all different job categories and she treated everyone as if it was important for her, personally, that we land a job. In this economy, her meetings were a light at the end of the tunnel. A real "pick-me-up"....which is half the battle. I'm happy to say that with her guidance, I was able to secure a position in a field that I would never have even attempted. Thanks to Donna and all the participants. Working again and happy."

~ Patty W., Purchasing Professional

"My experience has been positive, and you've helped to motivate me to get started on the path to gain employment. I hadn't a clue how extensive this would be, and I'm still learning a lot. Thank you for your help."

~ Mitch W., Operations and Business Management