B2B Projects

Profiled below is a list of the project categories we’ve engaged in. If your specific need is not among this list, just ask us. We’ll tell you if we have, if we can, or even if we cannot.

Confidential, Contingent & Engaged Searches: Specializing in Human Resources Management.

Contracted Recruitment: Full-life cycle primarily for non-exempt, professional and management roles. Recruiting strategies, employment branding, screening, interviewing, and selection. Planning/Hosting of high-volume hiring, career fairs: industry, organization or community specific. Development of talent pool for recurring seasonal positions (i.e. open enrollment).

Recruitment Scope: HR, IT, Business Intelligence, Audit, Software, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Accounting, Project Management, F&B Management, Risk Management, Legal, Municipal Government, Technical Sales, and Consumer Product Goods. High volume hiring expertise for expansions or new openings 50-5000+.

Test Administration: Pre-employment, Aptitude, Technical.

Innovative Employee Handbooks/Training Manuals. Policy Development: From Harassment, Workplace Violence and other essential workplace policy requirements; legal job description development.

General HR Management: Conscientious Employee Relations, Performance Management, Organizational Development & Training.

Vendor Relations – HRIS selection; consolidation of agency staffing & policies.