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Cuomo Controversy Continues

Teachable moments not to be shoved under rugs. March 2, 2021 by dmm/SGi Leave a comment Over the past several months we have often announced to each other at noon “It’s Cuomo Time” and now it is starting to look more like “Cuomo’s Time May Be Up.” Personally, I hope not but time will tell. I will share that … Continue reading Cuomo Controversy Continues

Words Matter

WORDS MATTER January 19, 2021 by dmm/SGi Leave a comment WORDS MATTER We know all too well that words matter. They matter to the masses, literally and figuratively. They are contagious. Their impact may be short or long term. They can soothe your soul or cut like a knife. Words can be comforting or hateful, empathetic, or intimidating. … Continue reading Words Matter

We Liked Their Style

The award goes to Gabe’s Place, in Glenwood, IL. On May 9th, Gabe’s was recognized for outstanding customer service. Awarded by Sundance Group, Inc. HR, Workplace & Career Consultants Why did we choose to acknowledge such impressive customer service? Because we believe that it is a direct result of a healthy workplace, good management, and … Continue reading We Liked Their Style